Big Data Biology Lab Projects & Interests

under development

Similarities and contrasts in the microbial ecology of different habitats

We are interested in looking at different habitats and comparing their microbial ecology.

What are the common features of different microbiota (for example, the gut of different mammals)? Are strains biome-specific?

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Developing tools for very large-scale metagenomic analysis

We are interested both in developing new algorithms with applications to large-scale metagenomics and in exploring tools that enable reproducible science.

In particular, we are interested in the potential of designing domain specific languages to concisely specify data handling pipelines in a way that is (1) intuitive, (2) enables defensive programming, (3) computational efficient, (4) extensible.

Exploring large-scale metagenomics datasets

We are interested in exploiting very large scale metagenomic datasets for basic ecological questions.

What can we learn about microbes and their interaction patterns? Can we use model metatranscriptomes at a community-wide scale?

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Possible collaborations

We are interested in working with clinical groups on issues of relevance to human health or with groups with access to environmental samples.

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