EMBARK Postdoc

Postdoctoral researcher in the EMBARK project

The EMBARK Project is a JPIAMR funded project which aims to establish background levels of antibiotic resistance across the world.

In this project, we have funded one postdoctoral researcher position. This position is open until being filled.

The work is mostly computational (attempting to understand antimicrobial resistance trends in public metagenome databases), but there is also some field and lab work (collecting samples).

This will be done in collaboration with others, so if your current skill set doesn’t include all of this, but you are interested, then do apply!


We are expecting you to have a strong background (including graduate work) in either computational biology or microbiology.

See the lab manual for information on how the lab works.

See the general positions page for more details, including salary information (tl;dr: it’s 30~36k Euro + access to subsidized housing).

To apply: send an email to luispedro@big-data-biology.org with your CV (preferably without a photo) and one representative publication. Later in the process, you will be asked for two reference letters, but they are not necessary for the initial application.

Feel free to email with questions or to approach me at conferences (my personal website will list upcoming travels).