tl;dr: Learn how to use SemiBin from the original developers. In particular, we will see how to run SemiBin on a set of of human gut samples with different binning modes.


What you should know/be able to do before the tutorial:

  • You should know what a contig and bam file is.
  • You should be able to run programmes on the command line
  • You should be able to install the SemiBin. You can see the details from How to install.

You will also be sent some information a few days before the tutorial with both the signup links & and some requests to prepare for the event. You should expect to spend some time installing the software and downloading the tutorial data.


Learning objectives

  • What is the metagenomic binning and what is the basic idea of existing binning tools?
  • The basic idea behind SemiBin.
  • How to get MAGs from SemiBin with different binning modes.
  • We will not cover functional analysis of MAGs.

Location & Schedule

Date: 2th November, 2021

Location: Zoom & Discord (links will be sent to registered participants)

Background information