Célio Dias Santos Júnior, Luis Pedro Coelho

A short time after the release of AMPSphere v.2021-02, we now make available the validated SPHERE families obtained by clustering the alphabet-reduced antimicrobial peptide sequences.


Figure 1:AMPSphere v.2021-03 at Zenodo.com.

This new version v.2021-03 brings alignments and trees in Newick format calculated from families in the level III (hierarchically clustered by 100-85-75% of identity) with 8 sequences or more.

No other major changes were made in the other files besides the naming.


Figure 2:Tree and alignment for the SPHERE-III.000_337, a family containing 53 sequences.

You can cite all versions of AMPSphere by using the DOI 10.5281/zenodo.4574468, which always resolve to the latest version.

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