tl;dr: We are will eventually accept applications for one remote intern to work with us on a project designed to stretch their skills and introduce them to the research world for Fall 2021, but currently applications are not being accepted. Feel free to get in touch to get information when applications open or sign up for our newsletter.

During the internship, you will be assigned a project (often with another lab member) which will be designed to be feasible given your current set of skills while teaching you novel ones. Projects can be either computational (either implementation- or algorithmic-focused) or more driven by biological questions. See the lab interests page.

We expect you to

  • Contribute at least 20 hours per week during the internship period.
  • Be able to participate for 6-12 weeks (depending on how much time per week you can commit).
  • Have regular access to a decent internet connection (it should be good enough that you can have regular voice Zoom/Skype calls).
  • Be an active lab member and strive for producing excellent, reproducible, science in your own project (excellence is not about doing a large project, rather it is about being thoughtful in ensuring that all the small details are looked at carefully).
  • Abide by the lab manual.

You get

  • Weekly meetings with the PI (Luis Pedro Coelho) for discussing the project and mentoring.
  • Meetings with other lab members and participation in the group meetings/discussions.
  • A small stipendium (450 USD) upon successful completion.

Should your work be used in a publication later, you will be asked to be an author on it, but (1) there is no guarantee that your work will be used in a publication and timelines can vary (science is unpredictable), (2) will likely involve further involvement beyond the original internship period should the opportunity arise.

To apply

Current deadline: March 31 2021 any timezone (submission order is irrelevant, but submissions past the deadline will not be considered).

Anyone can apply, but this programme is primarily aimed at:

  • Junior students (undergraduate +/- 2 years).
  • Students in LMICs.
  • With some bioinformatics/computational biology training (alternatively, computer science students who want to work on bioinformatics).

Students with no research experience are welcome!

Send an email with the subject Remote internship application, containing:

  1. A short motivation letter in the body of the email, describing what stage of the career you are (undergraduate, in which major/degree, what year?), and a brief description of relevant experience or plans for the future. There are no strict format requirements, but, if printed out, it should not be longer than a page. If in doubt, shorter is better.

  2. A CV (ideally in PDF format, without a photo). Please highlight any links to github, google scholar, &c (while keeping in mind that having these is not at all a requirement!).

  3. Please describe the exact period in which you could participate. We’re flexible but, in this round, you should be able to point to 6-12 weeks starting in the next few months (e.g., “I can participate for 20 hours/week during May-September, except for a holiday period in July”). If you would like to participate, but cannot commit any time before 2021, please wait for the next round.

You should get a short acknowledgement that the email was received within 48-72 hours (likely sooner, but if you did not receive on within that time period, please just resend the email).

Short-listed candidates may be asked for a recommendation letter and interviewed (remotely).