Big Data Biology Lab Open Positions

Postdoctoral researcher

We have a postdoc position open.

You will have the freedom to work on projects ranging from the purely algorithmic to the biologically driven and we can even define a new project that as long as it furthers the long-term interests of the group in extracting information from very large scale metagenomic datasets (see the interests of the lab).

Fudan University is considered the 3rd best university in China and is an internationally up and coming research university.

Salary: 200,000 RMB (26,532 Euro) per annum + subsidized housing (which, given the cost of living in Shanghai, is enough for a good quality of life).


We are expecting you to have a strong background (including graduate work) in one of the following areas:

Of course, it is not expected that you will know all of these areas deeply, but you should be interested in them.

To apply: send an email to with your CV (preferably without a photo) and one representative publication. Feel free to email with questions or to approach me at conferences about this topic (my personal website will list upcoming travels).

Some FAQs about the job in Shanghai:

  1. What’s the cost of living in Shanghai?

It is hard to compare directly with a Western city: some things are much cheaper, others much more expensive (e.g., imported chocolate). Overall, it is still cheaper than most of Europe (and you can get subsidized housing).

Here is a website with information on the cost of living:

  1. What about air quality?

Shanghai is one of the best places in China in terms of air quality, although it is still bad by international standards. However, because of a high awareness of the issue in China, air filters are common in public places. Thus, the total exposure not as large as it would otherwise be.

You can check the air quality indices online: