Looking for Google Summer of Code/Tweag Fellowship students

NOTE: For 2020, deadlines have passed.

Looking for Google Summer of Code/Tweag Fellowship students

We (the NGLess project) are participating in Google Summer of Code through the OBF and also available to help you apply to the Tweag Fellowship.

NGLess is a domain specific language designed for next generation sequencing (NGS) data processing. You can learn more about by reading the documentation or the scientific manuscript describing it.

Student benefits

  • We aim to ensure that each student gets a great learning experience tailored to their ability, interest and experience
  • Practical experience in real-world applications
  • Implementing and extending a software project with increasing use around the world
  • Improving your oral and written communication skills in a team environment


You know some of these languages/technologies:

  • Javascript/webdesign
  • Haskell
  • Nix/nixpkgs
  • Bash

How to Know more

How to Apply

  • Provide a cover letter that explains why your skills would be a good fit. If you don’t have the skills, explain why you would like to learn those skills. 2 pages maximum.
  • Provide a resume with a list of skills and experience. 2 pages maximum.
  • Provide links to any bug report you have submitted to any open source project
  • Provide links to any code you might have contributed to (e.g., Github, Bitbucket repos/commits)