Summer 2021

Anna Vines (undergraduate student)


Anna Vines is an undergraduate at the University of Bristol, where she study Theology and Sociology (with a focus on quantitative/computational methods). She is interested in computational biology and bioinformatics and hope to transition into this field, with her previous work experience focused on the analysis of genomic data. Her other interests include houseplants, studying Mandarin Chinese and aerial hoop.

Nilesh Gupta (undergraduate student)


Nilesh Gupta is a prefinal year student at the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee majoring in the field of Biotechnology.His primary interest lies in the computational Biology and Bioinformatics. Since his early college days he was passionate about learning stuff related to the life sciences.Apart from doing academia and research he could be seen watching animal planet, gardening and discussing soci-economic stuff.

Ariana Thakurdyal (undergraduate student)


Ariana Thakurdyal is a biological sciences major at Cornell University, with experience in microbiology labs and a biomedical engineering lab. She is working on metagenomic data and assigning resistome risk scores. Furthermore, Ariana will be evaluating the health risks of antimicrobial resistance genes from metagenome-assembled genomes.

Fall 2020

Karma Dolkar (undergraduate student)


Karma Dolkar is an electronics and communication engineering undergraduate at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. Her interests include computational biology and software development. She also enjoys playing the guitar, reading books, or watching anime/TV shows.

Tristan Gallent (undergraduate student)


Tristan is recently graduated with a BSc in Mathematics from Monash University, Australia. While also doing some computer science at University, he become interested in bioinformatics and computational biology after learning about its applications for medicine, the massive increase in data available to the field and the theoretical aspects that overlap with computer science, mathematics and biology. In his spare time he enjoys reading, music, sports and learning new things.

Past Participants

Summer 2020

This was the first group of interns and it was organized through the National Summer Undergraduate Research Project, NSURP,

Tobi Olanipekun Gabriel


In Summer 2020, Tobi Olanipekun Gabriel was a final year student at the University of Ibadan, where he is studying for his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program (DVM). His scientific interests lie in the areas of Genomic research and Big data analysis. interest in this area was born primarily by online courses he had completed (such as the recently completed IBT course from H3ABionet). This inspired him to take part in various research opportunities (such as the NSURP program in conjunction with ISBTI Fudan University) from where he gathers relevant experiences and skills in bioinformatics. He aspires to pursue a career in genomics and to discover useful information from the study of genomes via a masters and or PhD in this field. His other interests include tutoring, web design (wordpress) and graphic design.

Fernanda Ordoñez Jiménez (undergraduate student)


Fernanda is a rising senior at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) majoring in Biomedical Physics. Her main reaserch interests are computational biology and biomedical informatics. Besides science Fernanda enjoys hiking trips, yoga, reading and spending time with friends and family.